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Just like a teeter-totter you know. The only way for something to go up, is when some other thing comes down. And that’s where I come in, P.T. Sampras. The unknown brother of Pete. Once I Told him “What if we’re both mediocre, and stay in half?… It’s too dark in here, and heavy.”



But here I am. It’s been long since is been heard of me. The light is gone off and well, it’s dark to write. Neither the less I’m still trying, found some candles and free WIFI… I fell like a French Duque… sorry, It’s been years…


This is one of those BIG BLOCKBUSTER beginings. With a lots of longing. One of thos tipical Tango films. With the return of the Tango singer but without the whores, the songs and miles away form France (Square)

This one was o BITCH to translate… too porteño. Next ones should suit better.